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Sharing the Love of Christ Around the World

"Devoted to Sharing the Boundless Love and Compassion of Christ, Spreading His Message of Hope and Good news Across the Globe"

Our Strategy

"Make disciple of all people", meaning, all people, no mater of their age, race, or background. Disciple making is a process, leading people who don’t know or far away from Christ, bring them closer to God and finally help them to be disciple in a church. Holistic approach is mandatory, local church is not only responsible for spiritual growth, but local church role is participating in growing community holistically. With the holistic approach in spiritual, education, economic and health sectors, we believe the church will be a place where a community can grow and discipled. At the end the local church can function and become an unstoppable spiritual force on earth and an agent of transformation. And CBN Myanmar is strongly supporting the church to function holistically.

Bible Verse

The apostles were performing many miraculous signs and wonders among the people. And all the believers were meeting regularly at the Temple in the area known as Solomon's Colonnade.


Transforming Lives Through Compassion

where love and compassion change lives. We are dedicated to extending the love of Christ to those in need worldwide. Through charitable initiatives and outreach programs, we bring hope, healing, and transformation. Explore our website to witness inspiring stories, view our charity missions, and stay updated on our media activities. Join us in sharing the love of Christ and making a lasting impact together.

Mission Impact

Reaching Out

Inspiring Lives Changed Experience the power of real-life stories, showcasing the hope and love in Christ.

Children Discipleship

Nurturing Young Hearts with Faith Interactive adventures, captivating characters, and timeless biblical lessons for children’s faith development.


Strengthening Families for Achievement: Provide parents with the tools and assistance they need to flourish, nurturing strong and resilient family units.

Sharing the Love of Christ Around the World