CBN Myanmar

Transforming Lives Through Compassion

Family Development

CBN collaborate with local churches to support communities who are in needs by providing assistance to families and vulnerable children in holistic approach.


Superbook animates Bible stories, teaching children about Jesus. The curriculum combines animation, songs, crafts, and games for engaging lessons. Children learn and apply important scriptural principles, fostering spiritual growth.


"Switch On" is an online platform that inspires youth through testimonies, music videos, and features, engaging with over 30,000 viewers per week. And offers a prayer center for those in need.


From Struggle to Success

“Now I have daily income thanks to CBN. The passing of my husband had left me struggling to provide for my children. Before I encountered CBN through the evening school known as the School of Life, it was so difficult for me to ensure we had daily meals and a stable income. CBN help me to start a small street fried food business. Now I have daily income thanks to CBN.” This is a story of a mother who is living in Hlaing Thar Yar area and struggling alone to raise her kids. Thank you partner. Because of you, we could help they families who are in need.

A Joyous Milestone

It’s time to celebrate! In March, the pre-school graduation which is hosted by CBN was happened in Targone Village. In that day over 20 children have completed that pre-school course. Thank you partners for always remember us in your prayer!

Uniting for Prosperity

Thank you Partners. Because of you, CBN support 10 families in Yupkhu Village! In the Yupkhu Village, the families are cooperating each other for chicken farm and pig farm to have a daily income. Each of the families are taking the responsibility separately for the farm. Now the animals in those farms are healthy and in soon, it will be in the market for the income.

Turning Dreams into Reality in Yay Htwat Village

"Superbook made my dream come true" "I wanted to buy a bag when I get a prize from School. But sadly, I didn’t win the. But I keep praying to God to get a bag. One day, I participated in the Superbook Outreach program and participated in the quiz sessions after I watched the Superbook Bible animation. And of my answer were correct. So, I not only a bag I that I wanted but also I got a watch! I am so happy! I praise God for his goodness and also thank the superbook team for helping to make my dream come true.", Mg Phyoe Pyae SoneYay Htwat Village, Pathein Gyi, Mandalay.