CBN Myanmar

At night, I would have nightmares. I would wake up scared whenever I have a bad dream. Then, I would get a drink of water and try to go back to sleep even tho I’m still afraid. Now, I have a pillow to hug as I fall back to sleep. It feels as though I have friends around me so I’m no longer afraid at night. Yangon

Given the circumstances, my kids aren’t allowed to play outside. They get angry about it. Aside from providing for their daily needs, I’m unable to buy anything that brings them happiness. Thank you for supporting parents like me by bringing joy to my children through these gifts. Yangon

While being unemployed during the current situation, I have many worries regarding our sustenance and health. I can’t afford to buy any toys for my kids. However, I have great joy today. I am delighted to see the joy in my children as they received their gifts. I am grateful for all the donors. Yangon

Since schools are closed, I couldn’t meet with my friends. I want to visit them and play together. Even though I can’t meet with my friends, I can still play with my Bee Bot pillow. I guess getting this pilow as a gift is like getting a new friend. Yangon

I don’t have my own pillow so I am very happy when I received this Bee Bot pillow. As I can’t go back to school yet, I will enjoy playing with this pillow while babysitting my brother. Yangon